Student spotlight – winner of the GFM Chief Executive Award

The student spotlight this week must be shone on Charlie Thornton. 

The Year 10 student took a sweepstake of prizes at this year’s GFM Awards. 

He was awarded the GFM Gosport Futures Leadership Award and the GFM Chief Executive Award. 

Charlie said: “It is a big shock to have won. Out of so many students in the GFM, you think you don’t have a chance. I had no idea I would win. It was a big moment and my dad said he was really proud of me.

He added: “I had so many messages from teachers, I wasn’t expecting it all. It has put me in a good position to move on from bad past experiences and focus on the good.”

Charlie was nominated for the Leadership Award by his form tutor Tom Andrew-Power.

Mr Andrew-Power said: “I am delighted that Charlie has transformed beyond all recognition. He is a towering example of compassion, care for his peers and true leadership by example.”

Charlie won the award for his efforts supporting a Ukrainian student. He hosted online meetings, offered support and friendship and helped their true integration into school.

CEO Ian Potter chose Charlie as the ‘winner of the winners’.

Mr Potter said: “Charlie has demonstrated the capacity to change himself; to move from someone who was anxious about school to someone who is reaching out and supporting many others. He initially may have had to be led to now being a leader.”

For a full list of this year’s winners read here.

Pictured above: Executive Headteacher Kerry Payne and Charlie Thornton.

Pictured above: Charlie Thornton and GFM CEO Ian Potter.

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