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In September we bought in the ‘extended school day’ to Brune Park – this provides a section of the school day dedicated to extending opportunities for students beyond the classroom.

We want to provide time for broad and varied opportunities and activities to support students personal growth and development, as well as to enhance their learning and progress.  We also wanted all in the community to have time together; to further build positive relationships between students and staff, and students with students.  We hoped that by asking staff to think about what they enjoyed beyond the classroom, we might create opportunities that students may not normally have access to  – we can’t believe how clubs and societies has grown  in such a short space of time and the positive impact it is having!

We now have just under 1000 students and staff regularly engaged in clubs and societies, with 180 different clubs or societies or associated activity!

Our newsletters and twitter feed are good to look at to see the range of activity:

We launched ‘clubs and societies’ in September with a University style ‘freshers fayre’ that we revisited in the first week of term.  We celebrated activity from the term with an incredible Christmas Fayre organised completely by students involved in clubs.  All clubs and societies had the opportunity to organise and run a stall and we couldn’t believe the response; . We had the tiny topics and crafty club selling the items they had made, hot chocolates, a petting zoo from the anti-bullying club, various little games from the chess club and PE clubs, dancing, singing and much more!  It was a fantastic conclusion of a very successful first term with clubs and societies and a great platform upon which to build for the rest of the year.

We asked students and staff – what have been the highlights of clubs and societies so far this year?

  • Having time with staff to talk while learning a new skill together
  • The wonderfully calm atmosphere in colour and calm
  • The student’s choreographing themselves and working as a team in choreography club
  • Students taking over the running of my club!
  • The students teaching each other bike maintenance skills
  • The students getting stuck into Australian rules football
  • Having time every day for a good run around
  • Meeting teachers and support staff in an informal setting and relaxing together
  • Taking a walk around Brune Park and seeing areas I never knew existed and finding a newt!
  • Watching students being resilient and having a go at some difficult puzzles in puzzle club
  • Being together and sharing an experience as both adults and children
  • Being able to read out loud to a group of younger students and them all love it
  • Watching and listening to the students being respectful but encouraging one another during rant club
  • Seeing the creativity of students in so many clubs
  • Seeing students engaged and excited about watching documentaries and historical films.
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