We need you to help us fundraise! Food into fertiliser

We need your help!

We are fundraising for a biodigester to help turns food waste into fertiliser. 

GFM’s Executive Chef (pictured below), Rickard Gustafsson, is calling for support for this project.

The system will help convert the vast amount of organic food waste produced at break and lunchtimes into compost which can then be used to help plants and vegetables grow in the school kitchen gardens.

It will also be swapped for veggies from the Gosport Allotment groups which will then be donated to the GFM’s Community Hub food bank to help local families.

There is just one problem – biodigesters are very expensive, costing upwards of £25,000.

Rickard said:  “It makes practical sense to have one in a school because not only will it be very environmentally friendly and financially beneficial but it will also be very educational for students.

“We can show them that when it leaves their plate as food waste it goes into the ground and then returns to the plate by helping to grow the vegetables. From plate to plate so to speak.”

It is hoped that by reducing food waste, the cost of food can be kept down so we can divert this into more resources for the classroom.

GFM Finance Director, Susan Hamilton, said:  “This is an important part of the GFMs sustainability agenda, helping to reduce our carbon footprint and supporting school improvement through learning about environmental waste solutions and general health and wellbeing.

“Our students feel passionate about knowing that everyone has a part to play in protecting our planet.

“With costs of food as well as waste disposal continuing to rise it will also help to keep costs down so that we can divert more into classroom support whilst also helping the wider community.”

You can donate to our Crowdfunding page here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/biodigester—plate-to-plate-project

Thank you





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