Building Community Together

“It has been a good start to a new academic year reflecting on the core vision and values which underpin our community and work together.

“We are building a community together which is based on firm foundations.  Our values and moral purpose are the core foundations which drive us to work collaboratively to provide a better future and success for all – and trust is the ‘super glue’ which binds us together in our collective endeavour.
“Being part of the GFM community means feeling a sense of connectedness and belonging to something that is bigger than just me.  It is about staying connected with each other through highly effective, high-trust relationships.  It is about investing in each other and modelling care for each member of our community equally – tackling prejudice, injustice and ‘disconnectedness’ wherever we see it.
“Reflecting on Dr John Blakey’s keynote during the staff conference, it is important to realise that each one of us is a leader – each one of us exercises influence and has impact on the young people and adults we connect with.  Our influence and impact needs to be positive and underpinned by a spirit of kindness, care and selflessness.  In the pursuit of building a genuinely connected community, we all need to invest in others – we need to provide hope, aspiration and positivity, particularly in times of challenge, trial and hardship.
“I thank you, in advance, for the role you will play as we continue to build the GFM community together and wish you well in the start of this new academic year.”
Geoff Walls
Director of Schooling.
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