Race for Life 2018

Brune Park Community School held their very own Schools Race for Life Event on Wednesday 13th June to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Over 2000 students, staff and parents took part and walked or ran over a mile each. Two members of staff ran a marathon between them.

Students completed thought tags leading up to the event, where they wrote a message to someone who had been affected by cancer and they were hung up on the trees at the front of school, these are lit up beautifully at night time.

The event was organised by Jo Powell and the PE Department “It was astounding to see the enthusiasm and engagement from all the students and staff at Brune Park. Even though the event was so much fun, students were still aware of the importance of the event with the message being delivered to them that today was about remembering those that had sadly lost their lifes to cancer but to also celebrate those that had beaten it” (Jo Powell)

Headteacher Kirsty Andrew-Power “it felt magical, firstly seeing everyone in the school smile, and smile through the whole day. This started on the gate in the morning when the collections were so positive but incredibly – every student in the school walked or ran at least 1k, loved it, smiled throughout and felt a sense of pride in their own achievements and those of others around them. The support, cheering on and encouragement from everyone on the field, and sense of community spirit was remarkable – the behaviour, conduct and respect exceptional.

I loved the number of times we had colourful groups of students, staff and parents running around the field, smiling and laughing throughout the day – I’ll never forget seeing that and sensing how it made everyone feel.
It was incredible the number of students who came back after school to run with staff, the atmosphere, sense of community, the fun with the reinforcing of the key message about why we were doing this together”

We are still awaiting a final fundraising total.

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