Mock Election Fever hits Brune Park

Over the past three weeks, students have been engaging in healthy political debate and discussion culminating in our own Mock Election in school today.

Students have been working with their Tutors thinking about democracy and the political process exploring ‘questions of the day’ such as:

  • What is canvassing and can it change your voting preference?
  • What is better, first past the post, or proportional representation?
  • What are hustings?
  • What is tactical voting?

A number of students have bravely stood as candidates, speaking at ‘hustings’ in assemblies for each year group, and then doing ‘door to classroom door’ canvassing, engaging students and staff in (sometimes very lively) debate around a wide range of issues from homelessness, to tackling the climate crisis, to lowering the voting age, to the NHS (and of course Brexit or Remain.)

There has been some healthy challenge by staff (‘votes for olds’) who were not allowed to vote today as the school voting laws are for U18s only.

The school hall was set up today to replicate a ‘real’ polling station with students appointed as Tellers, voting slips and the traditional black voting boxes.

The candidates:
LABOUR:                                           Jack T
CONSERVATIVE:                          Will D
LIBERAL DEMOCRATS:            Luke M
GREEN PARTY:                              Spencer P
BREXIT PARTY                              Jaycob B & Jesse S
James M and Jacob S were appointed and having been doing a sterling job as Returning Officers.
The results of the school election will be announced through the school tannoy system during period 1 tomorrow.

Will the school result reflect the national vote ???

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