Message to students from the student leadership team

Hello students of Brune Park, 


As you may have picked up from social media, the Prime Minister announced yesterday the closure of all schools as a result of the recent outbreak of (Coronavirus) Covid-19. While this may be met with mixed reactions, we understand that many of you may feel overwhelmed or sad knowing there will be no school for a number of weeks and the worries about what might happen.  These times are uncertain. 


We just wanted to take the time to reassure you that school is taking every measure it can to make sure that you are able to work at home, access some resources online and at times have access to teachers or staff from school.  We know that we’ve got to learn new ways of doing things and we want you to work with your friends, work with your parents or carers and build the skills of working independently as quickly. It is important we are all realistic that our teachers won’t be able to provide all of us with work for every day, we have to do our bit in thinking and finding ways to learn independently.


We hope that you will keep working hard, and keep yourself occupied, ideally with exercise and, of course, taking a break between your work through the time our school is closed.


As some of you may have seen in the Prime Minister’s briefing last night, the school will continue to provide care and support for the students that need it most in our community.  The school will be working with individual students and families to outline what the support will look like and be.


We understand that this may be a very stressful and worrying time for you. This has never happened before, so it is arguably also a time we will learn from. Remember to stay safe, wash your hands and follow any governmental advice, keeping up to date with the news. 


Finally, it is extremely important that you still take the two week break that you would have had over the Easter period, if school was as normal, and we all hope to see you back in school as ‘normal’ soon.


The Student Headship Team.

Phoebe Tunmore 

Andrew Gamble 

Jack Thorpe 

Emma Penney

Emma Merchant-Locke

Connor Taylor

William Dobbie

Kester Hull


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