Lateral Flow Testing 4 and 5 January

Please see timings below with your year group and Tutor Groups for Lateral Flow Tests on Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 January at Bay House School and Brune Park School.

The Lateral Flow tests will take place at both the Brune Park and Bay House School sites. At Brune Park this will take place in the main hall, at Bay House this will take place in the Beacon Arts Centre on the Sports Hall site.  Pupils will complete their test at their own school site.  Please be aware that you will not be able to park onsite so please use the local car parks if you are bringing your child(ren) by car.  Pupils do not need to wear school uniform but please note that face coverings are required in the testing centre.  Pupils should wear a suitable winter coat in the event of cold weather.  Please note that unless you hear otherwise the test result is negative.

Once pupils arrive at the site they will be greeted by a member of staff who will help them to line up outside of the building. Parents will not be permitted on site so that we can keep numbers to a minimum.  Pupils must wear a face covering in the testing centre unless they are exempt.

Masks are Mandatory within the Halls. Please ensure your child wears theirs at all times.

Tuesday 4 January 2022

Year 9 Bay House
TimeTutor Group
8:30901, 902, 903
8:50904, 905, 906
9:10907, 908, 909
9:30910, 911, 912, EA, HV
Year 8 Bay House
10:00801, 802, 803
10:20804, 805, 806, GC
10:40807, 808, 809
11:00810, 811, 812, HV
Year 7 Bay House
11:15701, 702, 703
11:35704, 705, 706
11:55707, 708, 709
12:10710, 711, 711
Year 8 Brune Park
14:008F1, 8F2, 8F3, 8G4
14:208G5, 8G6, 8H7 8H8
14:408H9, 8L10, 8L12, 8GC
Year 9 Brune Park
15:009F1, 9F2, 9F3
15:209G4, 9G5, 9G6
15:409H7, 9H8, 9H9
16:009L10, 9L11, EA, HV
Sixth Form Bay House

Wednesday 5 January 2022

Year 7 Brune Park
TimeTutor Group
8:307F1, 7F2, 7G4
8:507G5, 7G6, 7H7
9:107H8, 7H9, 7L10
9:307L11, 7L12
Year 10 Brune Park
10:0010F1, 10F2, 10F3
10:2010G4, 10G5, 10G6
10:4010H7, 10H8, 10H9
10L10, 10L11, 10L12, HV, EA, EA2
Year 11 Brune Park
11:3011F1, 11F2, 11F3
11:5011G5, 11G6, 11H7
12:1011H8, 11H9, 11L10
12:3011L11, 11L12, EA, HV
Year 10 Bay House
14:001001, 1002, 1003
14:201004, 1005, 1006
14:401007, 1008, 1009
15:001010, 1011, 1012, HV, EA, EA2
Year 11 Bay House
15:151101, 1102, 1103
15:301104, 1105, 1106
15:451107, 1108, 1109
16:001110, 1111, 1112, EA, HV
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