Important information for Year 11 students and parents

April 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

These are extraordinary circumstances in which to be writing to you and our first consideration is for you and your families.  We do hope you are all safe and well. 

Although we cannot be certain when Brune Park will open its gates again, we are putting everything we can into place to ensure all students are supported in this time of uncertainty. 

The sudden announcement recently that exams were cancelled, and that schools were closing, made it an extremely challenging time for our Year 11 youngsters.  The Year Group deserves enormous praise for the resilience they showed in these circumstances. 

I know you will be concerned about the means by which your children will be awarded their qualifications in the absence of a formal exam process.  Whilst schools are awaiting the final detail there are a number of points which have become clear.  

The Government has stated that students will receive qualifications this year and that the form of these qualifications will be indistinguishable from any other year.

Additionally, the Government has suggested ways in which grades might be calculated. Whilst full clarification has not yet been given, it seems likely that teachers will be asked to generate a grade that represents what the student would have achieved under normal circumstances. To generate that grade teachers will be asked to consider a range of information, such as mock exam papers and other  teacher assessments. Schools have been reassured that grades will not simply be generated from a single source, such as a predicted grade or mock result.

The Government has also indicated that once schools submit their grades, a process of moderation will take place to ensure fairness and accuracy.

Overall, we are reassured that the Government is being considered in its approach and that students will be treated fairly.  In cases where students do not feel their performance has been adequately represented we have been informed there will be an opportunity to retake exams, although at this stage the exact timing or location of these exams remains unclear.  

The Government has stated that where qualifications include a coursework element, students performance in those elements could, and indeed, are likely to become part of the broad range of evidence that teachers are asked to consider. With this in mind, we are making our strongest recommendation that Year 11 students who are able to access their coursework remotely, should do everything possible to complete it and improve it, in line with the deadlines for that coursework, previously given by their teachers. Currently the exam boards are making no allowances in terms of extra time, they will expect all coursework to be submitted in the usual timely manner.

Teachers of coursework subjects will be using Google Classroom or Show My Homework to guide students as best they can, and provide them with all the resources they can to assist with coursework completion. Students can also contact their teachers via Google Classroom or by email, if they have specific questions about accessing or completing their coursework. 

We need to be clear that following the Government’s advice, students will not be permitted to come onto the school site to collect folders of work or other coursework related items.

We understand that this is a stressful period for Year 11 students, parents and staff at the school.  We want to work together as a community with our Year 11 youngsters, to provide as much reassurance as we can, and make sure we are focused moving forward. 

We confirm again: there will be a Prom, we will have a ‘Results Day,’ and a Leavers Day with Assembly, we do not yet know when these will take place and will update you as soon as we can.

Summary headlines:

  • Students will receive an examination grade that fairly reflects their effort and ability
  • Grades will be determined by a range of grades provided by the teacher to show the student’s overall performance
  • It is so important that coursework is completed to the very highest standard
  • Students will be able to access their 6th Form or College place based on their grades
  • We will have a Prom and leavers activities for Year 11 

We take this opportunity to thank you all for the amazing support you have given the students and the school over the last five years, this is a particularly special year group who are much valued and loved by everyone in school. The youngsters are a massive credit, both to themselves and to you as their parents.

Emma O’Grady, Dan Stokes, Daryll Walmsley and Letitia Edgar

The Year 11 Team





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