Free school meal provision – Monday March 30

Further to our communication yesterday regarding the Free School Meal vouchers Tesco are in the process of emailing all eligible families.  On the email that you will receive from Tesco, there will be a link to a voucher, with instructions on how to print this voucher off. 

We are aware that not all households will have access to a printer and have therefore included some methods of troubleshooting below. Should you experience any difficulties accessing the voucher that is sent to you from Tesco, please do make reference to these prior to making any enquiry.  

If you have tried to troubleshoot and are unable to do so and for any urgent enquiries please contact the FSM enquiries email address at

Whilst awaiting for the Tesco vouchers to arrive to all parents eligible for fsm we will be providing a small number of lunch bags on Monday 30th March, which are able to be picked up from Brune Park site. The same social distancing measures will be in place at Footlights from 12.00-1.00. Unfortunately we are unable to deliver therefore if you are self isolating can you please make arrangements for someone to collect on your behalf.

We will keep you informed of any changes after this period and are working to understand whether there are any mobile options to reduce pressures.

We thank all in the school community for following the Prime Minister’s very clear advice: stay at home.


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