Directors cut – drama production triumph

An amazing thank you to everyone who supported the production of ‘Clue: High School Edition’ and an even bigger well done to all the cast and crew.

Jo Duff, Pamela Ritchie and Rebecca Corbin from the Drama team would like to say:

“We finally made it!  The journey from our first auditions to tonight’s performance has been a labour of love.  We have faced some very interesting challenges, not least the extreme weather in the summer that led to the postponement of our first performance dates, but throughout our cast have been positive, enthusiastic, resilient and determined to succeed. ‘Clue: High School Edition’ is a complex production – basing a play on a board game seems like a slightly niche idea, but add in that it is a murder mystery, full of clues and misdirection, farce and physical comedy, and the thought that this might eventually come to life on stage is a daunting one. We have not let this stand in our way however, and have tried to capture both the comedy and confusion of a classic country house tale of murder, conspiracy and revenge. For many reasons, we have not been able to stage a full production for a number of years, and many of our cast do not have much experience of performance.  Nonetheless, they have engaged so well in the whole process, learning vast amounts of lines and choreography and building a wonderful bond that stretches across the whole spectrum of school age. We hope you enjoy this evening’s performance, and that you are able to have a go at working out ‘whodunnit’.”










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