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Welcome to Brune Park Performing Arts!

Within the Performing Arts Faculty there are numerous opportunities for students to extend their knowledge and skills, broaden their experience and develop a lifelong passion for the Arts.

At Brune Park Community School students in KS3 are able to study Dance, Drama and Music. In KS4 they can opt for BTEC Dance, GCSE Drama, GCSE Film Studies and/or BTEC Music. High quality lessons are delivered by our team of specialist teachers in purpose built performance areas.

Complementing the curriculum we offer an extensive extra-curricular programme; shows, clubs, trips, workshops – learning has no boundaries within and beyond the classroom.

Our aim is that by collaborating through the Arts we can offer an exciting and rigorous Arts experience and education to our community, building cultural capital and raising aspirations.

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Film Studies

What does your child’s Performing Arts report mean?

On your child’s report they will receive an assessment grade 9-1. These are based on GCSE grades. 9 is the highest and is awarded to the top 5% of the country. Grade 4 is considered a standard pass, grade 5 is a good pass. For our reporting purposes the grade is further refined:

  • C – Students are just achieving that grade
  • B – Students are securely at that grade
  • A – Students are working at the top of that grade but not quite achieving the next one.

Your child’s non-negotiable grade is created from their achievement at KS2. Every child then has an individual flight path. This generates a non- negotiable grade for each assessment point, culminating with their final grade in year 11.

There will also be an effort and commitment grade. This is what it means:

  • 1 – Student goes above and beyond what is expected in lessons
  • 2 – Student mostly meets expectations with occasional minor lapses
  • 3 – Student often does not meet expectations in lessons, requires improvement
  • 4 – Student rarely meets expectations in lessons, this is of serious concern  

How do you know if your child has made progress?

Compare the assessment grade received with what your child gained last time. Has there been an improvement? If the grades are the same, progress might still have been made, but maybe not enough to warrant gaining the next grade.

What has your child been learning this term and how have they been assessed?

Click the links in the table below to find out.

Dance Year 7

Dance Year 8 Dance Year 9 Dance Year 10

Dance Year 11

Drama Year 7

Drama Year 8 Drama Year 9 Drama Year 10

Drama Year 11

Film Year 9

Film Year 10

Film Year 11

Music Year 7

Music Year 8 Music Year 9 Music Year 10

Music Year 11

Music Technology Year 10

Performing Arts

Year 9

Performing Arts

Year 10

Performing Arts

Year 11

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