Postcards are due in on FRIDAY! Gallipoli Project year 9

Brune Park has won impressive funding from the Gallipoli Association to finance a very exciting project in this centenary year of the First World War Armistice, which will ultimately see a group of inspired and inspirational students travel to Gallipoli to work together to conceive ideas towards a significant memorial to the battle in the school.

The Gallipoli Project was launched with Year 9 in an assembly this morning – with students learning that Gosport has a resonant and significant history tied in with the events of 1915 in the Dardenelles.  Year 9 students reflected on the common humanity shared by those involved in war, and were invited to become involved in the project by recording their initial thoughts and reflections and submitting a postcard to the project.

Students were encouraged to be creative and thoughtful with their postcards (examples and ideas were shared) and encouraged to find out about their own connections to Gallipoli and to the First World War.  Parents and relatives are a big focus for this project so year 9 students are encouraged to collaborate on the postcard with them.  A  short interview with a grandparent for example could be a fabulous ‘message’ on the card.  Mr Andrew reminded the students that the Gallipoli Project involves creativity and Art but is not just an Art project – the next stage of workshops are a creative session to match the Art Dept’s varied and original approach to the curriculum so there will be something for everyone.

Postcards need to be handed in on Friday to reception, tutors will be also be talking to Year 9 students during tutor time and citizenship tomorrow.  We are expecting every student in year 9 to really push themselves to produce sometime they and their family are proud of.

Year 9 students will be able to talk through the PowerPoint presentation found here.

More details in the Gallipoli Association can be found at:

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