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Students having a ‘voice’ is an important part of life at Brune Park School, and across the GFM.

Much work was completed during the Academic Year 2018 and 2019 led by the previous Student Headship team to build and foster a culture of being comfortable and open to ‘talking.’  Students led a significant culture shift for openness, talking, strong relationships between students and students, students and staff. Head Girl 2018 – 2019 Frances Weston wrote about her perspective on the ‘journey’ here.

Our new Head Girl Phoebe Tunmore and Head Boy Andrew Gamble are determined to continue to build on the great work of last year.

Hi, I’m Phoebe and I am the Head Girl here at Brune Park. It is a huge privilege to have been selected as Head Girl, a role that gives me the opportunity to support pupils, staff and the community but to also make a real difference to our school.

After joining Brune Park at the end of Year 8 from a local school, I never could imagine I’d have the opportunity to become Head Girl, but with the help of so many staff, who have believed in me, made me believe more in myself they have helped me made my dream into a reality. This really has to be one of my greatest achievements, and I am committed to working closely with Andrew, the student body and the staff body to continue our improvement journey as a school.

I would like to end by thanking all the staff and pupils for their support in my time as Head Girl.

I’m Andrew and I am so proud to have been chosen to be Head Boy at Brune Park. My role includes representing the school at various events and opportunities alongside Pheobe. We are also in charge of listening to students queries and coming up with ways of solving any problems around school. I wanted to be on the leadership team as I have always thought that this would be a great experience for me, and I have welcomed the opportunity with open arms. I am passionate about sports, my favourite being rugby, and have a keen interest in engineering, which I hope to pursue as a career in the navy as an air engineer. One of the reasons I have been told that I was selected for this opportunity is my capacity to care for others, even when I am busy. My twin brother Oliver is at the school, and I treat everyone I meet with the same kind brotherly respect I would treat him with. I am committed to my studies, of which I am predicted to achieve top grades, and I am confident that I can achieve them thanks to the overwhelming support from the school and its staff.

I can be found all around the school site, usually before and after, on my travels and attempts to make my best out of school life whilst I am here if you want a chat. I am always friendly and, I am told, easy to talk to so if you have any questions about school life, or the current leader in the rugby premiership, please do not hesitate to ask!

They are working closely with the Student Headship team:

The Student Headship Team work alongside the Prefect team, students across the school and staff – everyone recognises that through great relationships, team work, talking, a focus on finding solutions we can continue to improve this great school.

Our new ‘extended school day’ has bought so many more opportunities for student leadership, ‘talking’, building and strengthening great relationships and much, much more.

Student ‘voice’ and leadership are an everyday feature of Brune Park; students are consulted on particular aspects of the school life, and drive improvement and change.  There are specific focus groups, responsibilities and projects led by student or where students are the drivers.

Mackenzie and Jack – Deputy Heads

Hi I’m Mackenzie and to be appointed Deputy Head Girl was one of my proudest achievements of my life so far. After not having the greatest start to my year 10 experience, I feared my dreams of applying were unachievable. But with the help and ongoing support from staff I have been able to really focus on my studies, being a positive role model and starting to really believe in myself.  I’m so proud I’ve been was able to follow through with my goals and apply for the Student Leadership role and secure Deputy Head Girl!

My next steps is to work with the amazing fellow students and staff of this school so that together we continue to improve and make Brune Park the best place it can possibly be. I am excited for what is to happen in the coming year and I am honoured to be representing Brune Park.

Hello I’m Jack and I’m your Deputy Head Boy for this year. I want to make a difference to our school and the local community around us. I am hugely passionate about the environment and I would like to use this position as Deputy Head Boy to do everything I can to make our school greener and tip towards carbon neutrality.

For many years now, I have been very actively involved within music, playing many instruments both for gigs and enjoyment.

When I leave school I plan to go to college to study Music, Politics and Psychology, with the hope of going to a university of music to ultimately become a full time musician.

Brandon and Teigan: Assistant Heads – Health and Well Being

Our names are Brandon and Tiegan and we are the Assistant Heads – Health and Well Being.  Our role within the Student Headship Team is to support Inclusion to promote projects around self care to share incentives that support our students mental health.

Our aim is for every student to feel safe and supported during their time at Brune Park.

Here at Brune Park the well being of our students is our priority. We will work alongside the Inclusion Team making a pledge that we listen without judgement and treat every member of our school as capable and valuable individuals.

Will, Connor, Emma and Emma: Assistant Heads - Communication

Hi, I’m William and I’m Assistant Head Boy here at Brune Park. Over the next year I am really keen to get schools across the GFM working together, so that the Student Headship Teams in each of the GFM schools work together with the community, on student led projects and activities across the school.  I’m also looking forward to supporting a range of activities in the school.

Hi my name is Connor and I am a part of the Student Headship Team here at Brune Park. My job here is as Assistant Head-Boy with a focus on school communications and how the school appears to those outside of the school. During my time here I hope to improve the image of the school in the public eye as currently I would say that there is a negative stigma around this actually great school. As well as this I hope to make the most out of the rest of my time here before I leave.

I’m Emma (P), my role within Brune Park is as Assistant Head Girl. This role, with a focus on communication, involves changing the way our school is perceived, not exclusively by the public but by everyone who attends. Ultimately, creating a stronger sense of community and positivity around Brune Park.

I’m Emma (ML) and I am Assistant Head Girl with a focus on communications. This means that I have the responsibility to consider how we communicate with parents, the local community so that we are showing Brune Park for how it really is, a great place to learn and a great place to be.  We need to improve how Brune Park is perceived, and I want to leave at the end of year 11 knowing that I have managed to help create a better public image of Brune Park and change the public perspective on the school.

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